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I had my 2005 Subaru STI scheduled for a full interior detailing. The interior was very dirty. There was a ton of dog hair and grease stains on the seats from maintenance the night before. It was a nightmare. When I got my car back, it looked nearly brand new! The interior looked and smelled like new. I couldn't find a single dog hair anywhere! They did a great job removing the grease stains as well. I also added the extra wheel cleaning option, I don't think I've ever cleaned my car's wheels in the 5 years I owned the car, but they were able to get every bit of grime off with ease. Well worth the price! I will DEFINITELY be back for another clean by these guys!



If you're looking to protect your investment, this is the place to go to.  When I first bought my 2006 TBSS, it had an awful odor... I have tried everything in the book to get rid of this smell for months... After the service was completed, there was no lingering smell anymore!! I had the premium package done, with the odor remover addon. I couldn't believe the amount of detail that went into this service, I couldn't believe it was even my car! I will be back for another service!


Such a tremendous first experience for a mobile detailing. I booked the premium service for my Toyota Tacoma. I came home from work and opened the door and couldn't believe the amount of detail these guys put into this. The upholstery and the entire truck smelt brand new! The truck reminds me of the day I bought it! Don't hesitate to give these guys a try, definitely worth it, they'll be my go to for all my interior cleans now. 👍

James Forman

I scheduled the premium interior package for my wife's 2007 Subaru WRX. It was a huge mess, trash, makeup residue on the upholstery and stains in the carpet from the winter salt. I also added the fabric protector addon to keep the salt from soaking into the carpets this winter. Highly recommend Evans Detailing for any of your interior maintenance. These guys know what their doing. The extreme amount of detail they put into their work is beyond expectations. I'll definitely be a long time returning customer.

Jason Lentz

Mobile detailing near you in York, PA in Northeastern School District. Close to Mt Wolf, Goldsboro (West Shore School District), Emigsville (Central School District), Lewisberry, Dover (Dover School District), Red Lion (Red Lion School District), & Dallastown (Dallastown School District.) Manchester, Etters, Yocumtown, New Cumberland,   53 S Kister St Goldsboro, Pennsylvania 17319 Mobile Auto Detailing • York PA • Mobile Detailing service available to book 24/7 in York PA. Professional, Affordable, and Trustworthy.