York, PA Mobile Auto Detailing


Premium Interior Clean $150

Automotive Detailing York, PA

✅ Carpet: vacuum under seats, crevice of seats, any areas that are prone to debris; Carpet is also shampooed and vacuumed

✅Trim: such as door panels, dashboard, shifter, gauge cluster, steering wheel, and bezel around main controls detailed and cleaned with a cleaner that includes UV protection to prevent fading

✅Upholstery: deep clean of front seats, rear seats, and cargo area. Removal of any dirt or unwanted trash

✅Windows: 6 windows including mirrors, detailed and cleaned

Evans Detailing Carpet Cleaning Shampooing

Basic Clean $80

Automotive Detailing York, PA

• Carpet: vacuum of carpet and upholstery

Trim: wiped down and cleaned

• Upholstery: wiped down

Windows: mirrors and gauge cluster wiped down and cleaned

Tidy Cleanup $40

*Limited time offer*

• Trash removal 🧹

• Windows cleaned 🚿

• Little Tree air freshener🌲

• Wipe down dashboard & trim pieces

Headlight Restoration $50

  Our headlight restoration attempts to give your headlights a second chance by in-depth cleaning of the outside lens. This will attempt to remove the yellow glaze and compact bug residue.
Evans Detailing Headlight restoration
*This service can be offered as an add-on with our interior packages or as an independent service.*


*Fabric Protector

This product will temporarily repel liquid spills for fast cleanup. Liquids such as water, oil, juice, and soda will temporarily sit on top of the fabric & will not fully saturate fabric for a quick cleanup. Can be applied to the carpet and certain upholstery.

Evans Detailing Fabric Repellant

*Rain Repellent

Beads incoming rain for better visibility. Lasts 3-6 months.

Evans Detailing Rain Repellant
Water Repellant

Wheel & Tire Shine

Keep them wheels clean with our protective coating that minimizes build up of brake dust adhering to surface of the wheel.

Our tire shine protects tires from buildup of dirt and repels water to keep them looking new!

*Odor Eliminator *FRESH SCENT*

Heavy odor smell? Bad A/C smell, wet dog, smoke odor? No problem, with adding this extra layer of protection inside your vehicles atmosphere you can be confident to keep smells at bay! This odor eliminating spray is sucked into ventilation system and throughout cars interior completely removing odors for months if not permanently.

Premium Spot Treatment

Attempts to remove hard stains on upholstery, carpet or headliner. Multiple treatments may be needed to partially or fully remove stain.

Evans Detailing Carpet Cleaning Before
Evans Detailing Carpet Cleaning After

Mobile detailing near you in York, PA in Northeastern School District. Close to Mt Wolf, Goldsboro (West Shore School District), Emigsville (Central School District), Lewisberry, Dover (Dover School District), Red Lion (Red Lion School District), & Dallastown (Dallastown School District.)